kawai that claps

by Lily Konigsberg

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These are all songs I have had for a long time and are all written on my trusty kawai keyboard that claps. I wrote most of these in 2014/15 and I know they are in the past now and that I have to release them or they are dead. Recordings done in my room with bangs and crashes/ very ok quality.


released May 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Lily Konigsberg Hudson, New York

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Track Name: Good pt. 2
you're in the right
say what you wanna say
you're right
I can't bring myself to say...
"you're right"
I can't bring myself to say it

whatever you say I say
whatever you play I play

well, the window
has not been closed
but it wants to
and I do feel this way
Track Name: Sigh
you want to sigh
you want to die

no no no
not that I know
no no no no
not that I know
no no no
not that I know
Track Name: Poor Demented Me
force the lying face
you know you wanna
you are a lying faithful
or poison

poor demented me
is what it feels like now
a razor blade
not where it could be found

half way of a way
watch for my face
half way of a way
watch for my face

you wanna play?
for every reason not insane
i'm not the same
for every reason i'm in pain
Track Name: But, what is fair?
I think I heard you crying
I think I heard you outside

you know I want to be there
but I cannot be there
it's not fair

you make me so confused
you make me so aroused
you make me not myself
you make me feel like I'm someone else
Track Name: Good
you're in the right mood and you know how to say it
you're in the right mood and you know how to play it all

turn me on
in your way
turn me on
or away
Track Name: Kiss the Mime
I want you so bad
my heart is swelled
tells me something I can never never tell

and for the first time
I kiss the mime
reaching for my water to the right

forcing my throat into my mouth
I know
reaching my hand pull out
my eyes bounce away
what can I say?

this isn't my baby
he isn't mine
and if I could hold him
I'd make him cry

recognizing reasons that I'm dry